Renewing the conviction that disappeared so quickly…

Posted in Uncategorized on December 26, 2009 by nthutch

Why is it that whenever I decide to actually DO something for myself that should take some time to accomplish I always end up fizzing out after about 2 months? I cannot seem to keep myself motivated or push myself to keep going and actually accomplish the goals that I have set for myself… I find it especially hard to keep with a schedule for a workout when I am doing a show. When I get into production rehearsals the shows tend to eat my life. Wife also does not tend to really support what I try to do either (I love you honey…) – she tends to mock me every step of the way, which just makes me want to shut down and do nothing rather than try harder.

I have the same goals that I wanna achieve for the next year as I did when I started this blog:

  1. Get rid of my tummy – I would love to actually have abs again…
  2. Fix my awful posture – I want to be able  to stand up straight without having to think about it…
  3. Tone my upper body – I want to get rid of my sunken chest and scrawny arms that have plagued me for most of my life…

There are a lot of things that I would love to accomplish in this upcoming year. I just need the fortitude to make these things actually come to fruition!! Wish me luck!


I found it!!

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I have found it! The perfect way for me to loose weight – shows. Period. No matter what I do – how much I eat, exercise, etc., I always end up loosing between 8 – 15 pounds every time I do a show. It does not even matter if I am IN the show, I can be directing it too and I still end up loosing that much weight. Now yes, I know, the weight I am loosing is just stress related. However, I have a solution so that I do not end up putting all that weight plus another 5 lbs. after the show is over – NEVER STOP DOING SHOWS!!! I just need to from one show closing straight into the next audition and I will never have to worry about putting the weight back on.

Now for the issue of the fact that a show does not help me tone ANYTHING… Oh, that I could have abs again…

Yoga – kicking my butt one day at a time…

Posted in Uncategorized on February 22, 2009 by nthutch

Ok, one more week down – and as I have continued to endeavor to keep with my schedule and make it work for me I have noticed two things:

  1. Even though I have great ambitions and desire to make this work, there is always SOMETHING that seems to get in the way of my working out every day. I have really tried to do something everyday, but alas, I can only seem to make it 4 for 7 at the moment.
  2. Beginning Yoga will KILL you!! As I have tried to stay pretty consistent and stick with what I start I am realizing what a painful experience it can be… even just half an hour of yoga a day kills my core and arms the next day – and when I can get 2 days in a row in – UGH!! 🙂

I am however finding out that I am enjoying the feeling of muscles hurting and letting me know that I am trying to do something productive. If all else fails, I am going to at least try to shoot for 5 out of 7 days this week!

First Week (and a half…)

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I did not post at the beginning of the week because I was dead to the world. I have been at the Utah Theatre Assoc. Conference with a bunch of theatre students. Needless to say, those 3 days were an utter waste. The rest of the week has been semi-productive and useful.

To begin the week I started out very simply – push ups and body-planks. Now I have a yoga routine that wifey and I are doing in the evenings. I am really going to try to get into the whole process. While some of the things that we need to do seem a little silly and contrived, I am really trying to do it and make it work.

I have been really contious of my posture of late as well. While the yoga will help i am sure, I am still trying to improve it while I am at school working as well. Some days it is pretty tough, but I have been good to this point in bringing myself back to a neutral straight posture. We will see how things go  in the following days!


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In an effort to motivate myself and keep with my goals I have started this blog. There have been several of my good friends that have done the same thing, and I hope to gain something from their support. So – to my chubby mexican friend and the flabulous Katy – Good luck!! and wish me the same in this terribly wonderful journey we are taking!

I never thought that a person could be chubby and scrawny at the same time – my lovely wife, however, has brought it to my attention that one CAN be. For a long time I have thought that anything that caused you physical pain was not meant to be good for you – pain is a signal from your body that something is wrong, after all. For that reason, I have avoided “working out” because I hated the pain that ensued from the resulting physical exertion.  All the while, I have looked at myself in the mirror and hated what I saw – a scrawny body with an ever-increasing belly with terrible posture. All of which are in my control to fix, I just haven’t. So these are my goals for the time being:

  1. Get rid of the tummy – it makes me sick to look at the tummy that has plagued me since I started college.
  2. Fix my  posture – no matter how I try, I have not been able to fix this thing that plagues me on a daily basis. Being 6’4″ is something that I have always loved, but the fact that I do not look it because I slouch horribly has severely detracted from that.
  3. Tone – all over. My upper body has always been something that I have hated about my appearance –  the sunken chest and scrawny arms specifically.

So, now comes the hard part – admitting that I have been wrong. That the physical pain that I have been avoiding for so long is necessary. Now that I have resolved to take care of the issues I hope that weekly reports here will help to keep me going to pursue the goals that have seemed so unreachable for so long.